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Selamat Datang di Bukit Lawang!
The Primata & Paradise Adventure invites you to explore the Gunung Leuser National Park's
rain forest in the comparable style of Sumatra.

Whether you prefer a 3 days treking and nights Bahorok riverside residence in camp or
 a 6 nights accrosing Leuser Mountain with Sumatran Wildlife on the between,
 The choice is yours each time you travel. And with wide locations,
access to more than 1 million hectars, and other destinations whole sumatra,
the possibilities are endless.

Warm Regards,
Slamet Bahagia
Adventure Manager
Primata & Paradise Adventure

Bukit Lawang as The Orangutans home base rehabilitation up to 1996, a very green location in deeply north part of Sumatra, has its own charming, and for us human to adventuring and exploring their unique habit. Similarities of gen, habit, and the way of life but different is
the interesting things that human could learn from them. Learn from nature. As always we are all needed each other.
Bahorok is only small part of the 9000 square kilometre or 900.000 hectare of Mt. Leuser National Park. The magnificent rainforest of this park have become famous throughout the world as the harbour some of the most endangered and rare species on earth for example Sumatran Rhinoceros, Orangutan and Rafflesia the largest flower in the world. The park is inhabited by animals like the Great Argus Pheasent, elephant, Sumatran Tiger, and as many as seven species of primates one of which is Siamang has an impressive, far-reaching
vocal display. The agile and pretty face Thomas leaf monkey and long tailes macaques are commonly seen. In total the park lists 285
species of bird, 90 of mammals, reptiles and 35 of amphibians. The park flora contains some 3500 plant species and on the lowland forest you can find amazing 60-130 tree species.

Geological there are several limestone formation along the foothills of the mountains, some with the beautiful caves long agothese were coral reeps which have sence been upliftes from the sea at rate of few milimetres per year by the process of colliding ocean floors and drifting continent. These infinitely slow collision and the whormous forces involved have led to the formation of high mountain and volcanics zones. About 1800 years ago, during glacial times, the peaks of the park Mt. Leuser, Mt. Kemiri and others, were still covered by glaciers snow and ice sea level at the time was more than 80m lower than at present and the islands of Sumatra, Jave, Borneo then
formed one huge land mass which was connected via Malaysia to the Asian mainland.

(may vary according to weather conditions)
•  Day One 
Early afternoon pick up from Medan and private transportation to hotel accommodation in Bukit Lawang. Orientation and dinner with head guide.
•  Day Two 
Breakfast followed by short practice trek to orangutan feeding platform and the surrounding jungle area.
•  Day Three
Breakfast and set off on 6 day trekking adventure. Continuing trek to next camp looking for signs of wild orangutan nests and other wildlife tracks.Overnight camping and dinner.
•  Day Four 
Day spent looking for signs or wildlife in the surrounding area, whilst also collecting jungle vegetables for dinner and useful jungle medical remedies. Instruction in how to prepare the jungle vegetables and demonstration in preparation of jungle medicine and its uses. Further trekking, observing and tracking of wildlife
•  Day Five
Trek to tubing pick up point for exhilarating river tubing back to Bukit Lawang and accommodation. Evening barbeque and party. 
•  Day Six
Private transportation back to Medan .
Including of:
Return private transportation from Medan
3 hour practice trek 
2 nights hotel accommodation before and after the trek
Licensed guides and permits 
All food and refreshments whilst trekking
Tubing on river back to base on final day of trek.

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